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Tattoo sleeve, oriental sleeve, japanese sleeve, flower sleeve, celtic designs

What is a sleeve tattoo? it is a tattoo that derives its name from the way it looks on a person. The design covers most of the skin on the on the arm giving the impression of a shirt sleeve. You can have full or half sleeve tattoos designs they are done on the arms however they can also be done on the legs. Often they are a tattoo that covers the skin completely so none is showing through the ink. You can see how they get their name from the appearance of someone wearing a long sleeve shirt.

As body art becomes more popular sleeve tattoo designs are increasingly more sort after. Detailed designs that in the past would not have looked that impressive are being done and the quality and clarity is amazing.
The design you choose for your sleeve tattoo is entirely up to you and your imagination. Popular designs range from cartoon strips to oriental themes or even tribal designs. You can use scenes that incorporate various landscape, this works well with tattoo sleeve designs. Experienced tattoo artists can give you some really good ideas when it come to sleeve designs.
 oriental sleeve
 oriental sleeve tattoo
oriental sleeve tattoo
See below some ideas for tattoo sleeve designs. You find many amazing design ideas on the internet.
Oriental designs are a favored theme for sleeve tattoos.
 oriental tattoo
The Japanese have a long running history of tattooing. Dragons, japanese koi fish or samuri warriors can be combined to create stunnng tattoo sleeve designs.
japanese tattoo sleeve
 japanese tattoo
 japanese sleeve
Floral designs are used often in conjunction with  other styles to produce unique designs. Although typically a feminine design more and more males are getting tasteful floral images that work well combined with other ideas.
 flower sleeve tattoo
 flower sleeve 
flower tattoo
Modified tribal pieces work well in sleeve designs. With distinct black lines and creative shading this style is extremely striking in a sleeve tattoo. With some tribal tattoo designs you need to consider the cultural history behind various designs.
Celtic designs are commonly used in sleeve pieces. The unending design of the celtic knot makes it ideal to use in sleeve tattoos. Amazing knot work designs incorporated into an over all celtic theme can create breathe taking sleeve tattoos.

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